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Keeping You Compliant

Compliance is a critical component of human resources management and it’s important that your company stay in compliance with the latest laws and regulations concerning employer-employee relationships.

Here is what you can expect:

We Grow HR evaluates what you currently do today and provides you best practices that are specific to your industry.  We monitor the ever-evolving regulatory changes and stay on top of keeping your business protected. We bring the skills and experience to strategically prevent problems and put the proper HR policies protocol into place for all Human Resources-related actions.

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Some of the most requested services:

  • HR COMPLIANCE AUDIT - we uncover and resolve liabilities before they become an issue. This review and analysis of policies and procedures exposes weaknesses and minimizes the risk of expensive mistakes.

  • COMPANY HR POLICIES & PROCEDURES – We will edit an existing handbook or create a new one. We help you determine what you need in areas like anti-discrimination and non-compete.

  • SAFETY AND SECURITY: We help you lay out your policies on how you will keep employees feeling safe at work.  We ensure that you have the tools to keep OSHA compliant.