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How Healthy Is Your Company?

A well-executed Health-Check will provide a detailed view on the current state of your company. Almost like an x-ray the health-check looks internally to see if there are fractures in your business.

Some of the reasons companies perform health-checks include:

Growth – organization’s that are experiencing or planning for growth, often conduct an HR Health-Check when they realize that the HR function may not be fully equipped to support the growth strategy.

Certifications or accreditations – can drive the need to review HR practices and align these to specific standards.

Cost reductions – equally in times of business uncertainty and economic instability, many organizations conduct Health-Checks in search for opportunities to reduce costs and drive efficiency.

The key benefits of an HR Health-Check include:

  • Benchmarking against best practices
  • Driving process efficiency and identification of non-value added activities
  • Assessment of the HR function


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